Leighton Buzzard, Beds UK

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I've always had a passion for music and diy, I started buying and selling vintage guitars as a way to scratch the itch I had for vintage instruments and soon found myself taking on more expensive guitars and more ambitious restorations. 3 years later I'm now looking to further the scope of the business and move into guitar repair and maintanence for players and collectors.


Set-up & repair

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I offer a range of services, from set up work like action, fret work and cutting nut slots, to electrical work like loose jacks, pickup installation and component mods. My experience is always growing and my knowledge is always developing, currently I am in the stage of learning more advanced repairs and hope to offer that kind of work as soon as I feel confident in my ability to execute the work to a high standard consistently.

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Joe's great!, friendly, super fast, and does a brilliant job at a very reasonable price ! Fender Srat, Fender Jazz bass, and two acoustics all cleaned up, frets and necks all sorted, restrung and action reset. I now want to pick them up and play them!! Thoroughly recommended :)

- Nigel